Need advice on whats next

So I posted a while back shortly after finding out that i have a chiari and well as a syrix after a serious concussion it has now been roughly 6 months and i have had very little improvement in the symptoms in fact many have gotten worse.

I have had a mri of my neck brain and now lower back as well as nerve conduction test. the arms and hand showed nothing but but my legs are showing L5 issues but i have no pinched nerves. My neurologist has looked at my brain mri again ( i think its the first time) and now feels that i need a second brain MRI with contrast due to white spots on the brain she thinks it could be MS. Now when i spoke to her today she did not even know anything about my symptoms in fact she started by reading me the wrong MRI report of my back ( not my report).

So what I would like to know is first has anyone had a brain MRI show white patches? and if so what was it?

And when do they say this is no longer concussion but something else? or at what point do i say it and insist on a new DR? this is also workmen comp from the fall so at what point should i worry about them not paying this?

this whole thing has taken its toll on me and my marriage my wife left me because of this crap so any advice would help



It sounds like life is a bit of a whirl wind for you right now on all fronts.

Anyways, about your question about the white matter on your MRI, I do not know. Hopefully, you can get some answers from competent medical people. I do know that brain injuries tend not to show up on MRI.

I had to refresh myself on your story... I was just wondering if you are receiving assessment, treatment, and education for a traumatic brain injury? I do not know what is available in your area. I had posted my thoughts for you on that a while back. Hopefully even counseling could be covered under your plan to help you wrap your head around the changes, losses, and uncertainty that surround you right now.

For me personally, I would be more interested in pursuing evaluation and treatment for a brain injury rather than securing a diagnosis of Chiari. Suboccipital decompression surgery is offered for Chiari - that is about it - whereas there are lots of advancements in treating traumatic brain injury. Soldiers returning home have pushed for that necessity though it is still a struggle. Having a brain injury is not a permanent diagnosis as people can make remarkable progress with time and the right kind of help.

I do hope that you can find the answers and the help that you need. Having an advocate for you could help too as Workers compensation is not well-known for their fair treatment of those seeking to claim benefits

Good luck

For TBI support do feel welcome to check out the Ben's Friends TBI community HERE.

I haven't been on the board in a long while but logged in for whatever reason today and read this. Almost a mirror image of what I was going through. I also had issues with my legs and somedays made it very hard to walk they initially tested for MS because I hadn't had any trauma but had pain in all of my limbs headaches and random pain all over. I did have an MRI of my brain with contrast that did show some white matter that they couldn't really explain but thats when they found the chiari with syrinx as well. So from then on I was referred to a neurologist (1st one was arrogant and a total jerk, made me cry at my first appointment) he gave me some meds, did the nerve testing in both arms (EEG I think) they stuck needles in my arm about 1/4 inch and then shocked me to see how long it took the signal to travel down my arm (most painful test ever that told them nothing) and referred me back to my pcp for follow up said nothing was to the point that he would recommend seeing a neurosurgeon yet. I followed up with my pcp and asked for a new referral to a different neurologist and went to see him. He was fabulous drew me a picture of what my head looked like and what a normal head looks like and then referred me to a neurosurgeon just to get a baseline consult to monitor it. Then I went to the neurosurgeon who I thought was going to just tell me we'll monitor it and go from there but to my surprise sat down pulled up my MRI and said this is what yours looks like and I would have recommended operating at this point, (pointing to the part at 5mm) as you can see your beyond that point about 9 mm. So would would recommend that you get with my assistant and get scheduled for a decompression surgery. I was caught off guard a little bit but I think I wanted to hug him because after a year of doctors and tests and medication there was finally some hope to get back to normal. I had Surgery June 30, 2014 and surprise surprise my leg issues were almost immediately resolved (even though they told me they were not related), I continued on meds until October of 2015 and have been med free ever since. My neck is still really stiff at times and I still have bad days but they aren't in any way even close to the bad days before surgery. The last MRI I had was also in October 2015 and the white spots are no longer there and the multiple sphinx are now completely gone. I still have to go for yearly MRIs to monitor scar tissue and make sure everything stays where its suppose to be. The bad days now are about the same as the good days prior to surgery. I would recommend getting a second opinion if your issues continue and do not let them tell you for one second that leg issues are not related. There were days that I literally walked like I did have MS had to hold myself up on a shopping cart and literally drag my feet on more than one occasion and since I had surgery have not had those issues at all. They told me it was not related as well but it mysteriously resolved when they did the decompression surgery.

It definitely takes a toll on your life I could barely function when I got home from work I would literally walk in the door and lay on the couch. I have 2 children and most days it was extremely difficult to push myself to get everything done. Before my surgery I was only working from like 10-3 and luckily had a boss that was understanding enough that let me go when I got tired and my pain levels were high. It definitely took a toll on me depression, frustration, exhaustion, constant pain are things a lot of people can't understand because they can't physically see it and haven't gone through it themselves. It was a weird pain to explain and it was constant all day everyday and pain is physically exhausting. The pain I had was like a tingling burning sensation in both my arms for hours and hours a day sometimes all day. The best explanation I could give was it was like that feeling you get on one of those like trick lighters that when you push the button it zaps you and you get the jolt down your arm but was as if you held it for hours like that everyday and nothing relieved the pain. Hang in there and if you aren't satisfied with answers go with your gut and request a second opinion. My second opinion made all the difference in the world. Good luck to you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

P.S. Always tell the doctor how you feel and if you aren't getting anywhere ask for a specialist or just annoy them until they believe you I had issues at the beginning because they thought I was med seeking. I literally had to flip out and just tell them they were nuts that I wasn't even taking as much as they prescribed because I didn't like how I felt. I just want them to fix me and finally we started getting somewhere.