I have chiari malformation and fluid in my brain. I had an operation last year for a shunt to be put in my head but had to go back in to get the pressure lowered because my body was not taking to it but I keep getting this feeling in my neck and head that my head can’t not support my head as if its to heavy does anyone else get this feeling ?

I have a lot noise in my head and still some pressure,my surgery was done in Oct.last year.I go back to the NS next week.I hope you can find a answer for your fluid problem Emmaline responded to your question and she is pretty knowledgeable,there’s so many symptoms to chiari and sometimes there’s other conditions arise because of the havoc created in the head I feel the thing that will help is to educate yourself,do some homework on your symptoms.

Hi, Fox.08,

I frequently have had the feeling that my neck muscles were too weak to support my head. I had decompression in January 2013 and it seems as though I've not noticed that weakness as much. I have lots of other issues, but this particular one doesn't seem to be as often :)

Yes.....Every Day.