Neck Pain

For the past 3 or so days I have been pretty badly sick. I have had a horrible cough that won't go away and it has been quite debilitating. Every time I cough I get such bad headaches, and sometimes go into seizures. I am here tonight wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal, or what to do about this neck pain. It has gotten very excruciating as of late. As of the writing of this discussion, I am having a considerably hard time lifting my head enough to see the screen on my laptop. The coughing makes the pain considerably worse. I have been taking a cough medicine that contains acetaminophen (650 mgs) but that doesn't seem to be doing anything to alleviate the pain. I have tried creams, and balms but alas no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do? Any and all help would be welcome, and appreciated. I am weighing the option of going to the ER but its almost 1 AM so if I can find comfort until morning, that's what I would like to do. Thanks for reading, and any help offered in advance everyone!

I am doing a bit better today, and thanks for commenting. Today there has been alot of relaxation for me, and although my neck is still in pain I am doing my best not to move it too much. As far as the seizures go, that's actually how I got the diagnosis of CM 1. I went in with complaints of seizure like symptoms and after an MRI and a few other tests I was told I have CM and also petit mal seizures, back when I was 16. Sometimes they are stronger and more noticeable. Since I have not had an MRI since I was diagnosed and that was almost 10 years ago, should I try to go and get an MRI again, or a Cine MRI to make sure my CM hasn't progressed? Is CM progressive? Sorry there is alot I don't know and you are the first place I have found anyone with this condition. I really am kicking myself for not being more inquisitive when I was younger about this condition and its effects. Thanks again for commenting Mandy!

Also, try putting a soft cervical collar on so when you sneeze it may help reduce movement and pain.

Darkness and rest and pain killers oh yes and warm tea help me. I am noticing my vision is clear but doubling. Two or three of everything and the more I sing or talk my world just spins so fast...the spinning has been with me since 11/2010. No doctor knows what to do....and the neck pain...oh my. So I have just learned to lay down...turn off all the lights and take a IB....oh yeah and pray,,,,