Neck heating pad

Not sure if everyone has seen these or not, but my mom got one before she had her neck surgery, and it has practically been an extra appendage of mine since I had my surgery. I developed occipital neuritis post decompression and I swear my muscles never want to loosen up at all, plus the muscles and nerves just make each other mad.

Anyways, it's magnetic, so it stays where it should. And mine has been on for almost a year straight and it's still going strong haha

It is! I have it on me all the time, the best part is the little flap on the back that comes up the back of your neck. It is glorious, worth every penny and has saved my sanity on multiple occasions.

Emmaline said:

That looks wonderful!

I am ordering one tonight. Thanks !!!

I have the Dr Bob’s and I love it!