Myoclonic Seizures

Hey everyone, long time no talk!

I have questions about a new symptom, if anyone has info on it. The beginning of January, I've begun having quick, full body jerks in the middle of the night (no pattern of timing). These aren't like the 'dream jerks'. I'm aware that it's happening , but it's like a whole body spasm that I can't control. It can last from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.I actually had it happened during the day today in my lower body, but honest to God, if I hadn't written it down, I would have never remembered it happened 15 minutes after. I have no memories of that one.

I've heard of mycolonic seizures. Some are normal (twitching in sleep, hiccups, etc.) and some aren't. Has anyone else experienced this or have any info?



Thank you both!

I have myoclonic jerks, too. Not sure if they'd be classified as seizures. Mine started a few years ago and have been getting progressively worse. At first, it was just my shoulder; then it spread all over my body. My arms jerk, my legs kick, and my trunk jerks forward. I'm really worried that the worsening of the myoclonus means that the CM is putting more and more pressure on my brainstem, or causing major nerve damage.