My update. Any other suggestions?

Here's my update! I had a cervical MRI about 2 months ago. They found a 7 mm of bilateral tonsillar ectopica, as well as flattening of my spinal cord, but no compression. They also found herniation and stenosis in my C5-C7 vertabrae. My headaches are still very bad and are happening intermittently everyday. I started Acupuncture 2 weeks ago. I think I've had some relief from that, but still cannot be sure. I have also seen a pain specialist who put me on Magnesium and recommended that I try a Gluten-free diet (I haven't started that yet), for all of my chronic pain (FMS, back pain, and migraines). I'm having a lumbar MRI this week for my lower back pain issues. I'm also seeing a Neuro-surgeon in 2 weeks. Next week I'm having a nerve block done, too.

Hopefully, we will figure out which is causing my headaches soon! I can barely leave the house lately. The bright lights, noises, smells, and stress all contribute to bringing on my headaches. I'm doing everything I can think of to get on top of this. My doctors are still not sure what's the true cause of my headaches, dizziness, balance issues, etc.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of things I should look into or try? Thank you in advance!!

Hi Kymelodya....I'm glad you found this group, and I'm sorry at the same time. Chiari is not a fun thing to live with. I think you are on the right track as far as seeing a neurosurgeon. While you haven't had an official diagnosis, I'm inclined, in my non doctorish opinion, to believe Chiari. I have all of the issues that you mention, and then some. But again, the neurosurgeon is the right direction. You may, or may not be a surgical candidate. If that is the case (as is for me) you will most likely want to seek out a neurologist to help you manage your symptoms. I take Gabapentin to help manage my dizziness and balance, and to some extent my headaches. Hope that helps you!

Thank you Mandy and Sunshine! I really appreciate your words of support and wisdom. I haven't had a sleep study done yet, or a PC3 MRI. But I will definatly look into these and your other suggestions! I just had a bilateral occipital nerve block done yesterday. They are hoping to get a better idea of what is causing my headaches if it helps me or not. So far, I feel a whole lot worse! I have noticed that my memory is also fading. I am losing things constantly and cannot remember words. I just discovered that when my neck is positioned in certain ways, it definatly brings on the migraines. I'm not sure about whether or not I have had a full blood work done or not. I know they did a basic work up in December. Things have gotten a lot worse since then. So, I will have to ask my doc about it! Thanks again!!!

I am taking a Vitamin D supplement, that my doc suggested after my December blood work.