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My story


Hi my name is Jennifer. I was diagnosed back in June. My mri showed 7.5cm. My pcp sent me to a local neurologist in flint but he told me thats not causing my pain or any of my symptoms. Im only taking 75mg of topamax twice a day to supposbly help me but it doesnt do crap. Im actully feeling worse and honestly starting to feel like im going crazy. Im in the middle of trying to get disablity. I tried to go see Dr. Gilmer but my referrel lady at my doctors office doesnt want me too so i have to come up with 300 dollars by January 3rd or in s.o.l. …
Im going to go see my pcp this wednesday so if anyone has any medicines that help please let me know so i can hopefully get her to prescribe me them. Im at a lost and cant take it anymore.