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My side effects living with type 2 chiari after successful surgerys


After 2 successful surgerys with type 2 these are side effects I have to live with and experience

1 over heating cause me to get seizure like symptoms shaking without control, weakness, dizziness, still have not found no way to prevent this happening sometimes takes seconds, minutes, hours for me to feel better sit someplace in shade or if you work with kind coworkers go into walk in freezer

2 lights from concerts, haunted houses from strobe light effects will make you feel dizzy and weakness this can be prevented wear sunglasses if flickering lights bother you

3 different patterns clothing , paintings anything walls certain types of patterns you see will make me feel dizzy and weak sunglasses will help prevent patterns make you feel this way

4 because I’m learning disabled, not sure if it is normal for anyone else but it causes me to have bad memory skills that is something I can and still improving on to this day. ( start out small do something repeative every day until you remember it challenge your self with bigger solutions with your Memeory if you feel comfortable with what you remember )


Definitely there can be lots of symptoms that linger on after surgery. I have found that a bunch of physical therapy exercises for the brain have helped with what you mention (light, noise, environment stimuli, temperature control). Still not perfect though! A medical center that deals with head injuries might have a program that would be of benefit to you as the brain experiences a similar experience. I do (or have done) exercises for the mid-line, oculomotor and vision therapy , auditory (this is on-line with Brainhq), primitive reflexes (balance, motor control, muscle tone issues), and graded motor imagery to help with weird pain and sensations and left - right differentiation. My point is, is that there are actually researched therapies that can help with brain symptoms. It does sound like you have come up with some good strategies that help you out in good stead (I wear earplugs in noisy environments!).

Good luck to you


Thank you to its good to here some one else is doing good