My second chance

Hi thanks for the add. Has anyone else had such a hard time with there surgery??

I am a wife and mother and a chiari patient. My first surgery was on Oct. 1,2014, I as released from hospital Oct3,2014 and on Oct 5,2014 rushed back to er and admitted with meningitis, released 5 days later. Stitches removed Oct 16, 2014 started leaking spinal fluid then. Was given drugs to reduce the swelling, ( only made me sicker). Had shunt placed Nov. 18,2014 on Nov 28, 2014 found out I had sepsis (blood poisoning) Spinal fluid still leaking from head and shunt scars. Jan 21,2015 shunt removed because Staph had set up in my back around the shunt and my spinal canal. NOW, I am waiting to see NEW surgeon to see if the mesh plate in my head an the cement that is there to hold it is what is causing my constant pain and headaches.

Hello, I have zero experience with the surgery but I wanted to show you my support and send you prayers if appropriate. Hang in there!