My NS Finds Me Too Complicated

Ok...It's been a while since I have been on here. I had an MRI of my complete spine on 11/27/2012. I went in the next day and got a copy of the disk and the report since I didn't have a follow up appointment for a couple weeks and well, I am way too curious and impatient to wait around for the doctors to NOT tell me what is really going on anyway. So this is what the report says:

Cervical- At C5/6 level, a central disc bulge is seen. This extends more to the right and encroaches slightly into the neuroformanen

Thorasic- Negative

Lumbar- L5-S1 very small central disc bulge but no significant narrowing
Mild exaggerated lumbar lordosis. There is a hemagioma at T12 No paravertabral mass. No spodylolisthesis.

So...I had my follow up appointment with my NS on 12/06/2012. He walked into the room and I was extremely frustrated because I couldn't remember my blood pressure and pulse which had just been told to me about a minute before he walked into the room and I was sitting there with my "Brain Book" and giant pen trying like hell to remember, and our conversation starts with true left handed and right left handed people, which for the record I am true left We didn't even talk about my back, we went right into my brain and my Chiari and whether or not he can call it that or not. He said he doesn't feel comfortable operating on me with a 3-4mm herniation. I told him yet again I JUST WANT AN ANSWER!!!
Finally I looked at him and said " Is it possible to have a migraine every day for 4 years?" Then he gives me that are you kidding look and says "No" I told him Thank you so I am not crazy. and again he told me no. FINALLY.
He said I have a lot of the symptoms of Chiari but the size of my herniation and one other thing, which of course since I didn't write it down I forgot, put me in the grey area. Then he asked me if he could refer me to Dr. Oro. I told him that would be fine. He said he sees maybe 100 cases like me a year...I am a complicated case and that is what doctors like DR. Oro are for. So now I wait for my phone call from whoever telling me when I get to go to Colorado I guess...I am just finally happy that somebody doesn't think I am crazy.

He asked me what neurology is doing for me, I told him giving me migraine meds and sending my to a psychiatrist...his response..."Really" I didn't think Dr. Sanner would do that...My response...It wasn't him, it was all of the others before him and now I am stuck with a crazy doctor who thinks that me and my husband fighting all of the time is bonding and crazy pills that make me feel drunk and fall on my head, oh ya and migraine meds that make me sick...I just don't take them because they don't work anyway...what the hell is the point anyway...His response...good shouldn't take meds that make you hurt yourself response...i don't, i forgot to refill them a long time ago...his response...nice should get some Christmas ones, somebody will be calling you and letting you know when your appointment is, if anything comes up let me know.

It is good to know that a doctor is willing to admit he is not GOD and even though the brain is his specialty this particular part of the brain just is a little too much for him. I am glad that he was willing to admit he wasn't comfortable dealing with me, even though I was frustrated with the whole thing at first when I sat back and thought about it and everything he told me and all of the risks that go along with it, He didn't want to be responsible if something went wrong...this is also a pretty small town compared to a lot of other places and other hospitals and the technology other places may be better who knows...I feel better knowing he referred me to somebody who deals with CM all day every day anyway.