My MRI scans!

Hi group :)

I know there is no one but a doctor who can diagnose me, so please don't think I am expecting that, but I just wanted to show my MRI scans to see if anyone here can see anything that might suggest I follow up about Chiari ? I went for the scans back in 2009 due to headaches, pain when laughing at back of head and stiff necks, but the doctors report came back with all clear except for mild scoliosis, but I know CM can sometimes be missed if not specifically looking for it. I tried to compare my tonsils to others photos, but couldn't tell. Oh and I am a big fat guy, haha, so if you wonder why the size of the head and back look large it is just because so am I :) I was also wearing large ear defender headphones. I just about fitted in that damn scanner, I felt like a sardine. Like I say, I am not expecting any diagnosis, just if you can spot anything that looks blatant or suspicious ACM related that I should see my doctor about.