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My MRI Image

Jordan, welcome to our community. You have a really great profile story, with great detail that tells a lot about you, your life and your Chiari. If other members are reading this, they can shortcut to your profile by clicking on your avatar (Red circle with a J).

Something to note: we’re not doctors here, so there’s not a lot of point in posting your MRI. I’m wondering, though, do you have a question related to it? Does your doctor have a treatment plan for you?

We’re glad that you joined us, even if it’s too bad that you qualify for the Chiari clubhouse. We support each other, though, so please reach out and say something positive to one of your fellow members. That’s what we’re all about!

Seenie from ModSupport

Oh no I don’t aspect any one to look at it and give medical answers, I leave that up to the medical professionals even know its hard, but mainly why I posted was because I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on it professional or non because I’ve read a lot of peoples testimonies and feel that maybe someone can relate to it older or young. I actually had that caption on it before but than edit down to nothing. Also side note I love reading the empowerment of the testimonies old, and young. I read them when I feel hopeless. Oh sorry I also got of track no there’s really no plan in place as of right know but I do see another neurologist Friday so wish me luck.

Thank you also for reaching out to me.

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We’re happy to reach out to you!

Ah, OK, so your MRI was something like a Picasso self-portrait?
Sorry, but you know, sometimes we just have to have a giggle. :crazy_face: Chiari’s no joke, but a smile sure does feel good when things are tough. And I can tell they are for you.

It’ll be interesting to hear what the next neurologist tells you on Friday. Don’t forget to check in here and tell us!

Take good care and hang in there, Jordan


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More of a Van Gogh :laughing:

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Oh ya, but that’s after he had the surgery.

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I like the photo. I got my decompression in August 2015 and I still look at my MRIs and watch the surgery videos. I can see my brain!!! Be proud of your brain scan!!! Some people never get to see what their inner-coconut looks like. Zipperheads unite!


Update: I saw another neurologist yesterday, and It went actually really well. We discussed more about the Chiari, an a order was placed for a cervical spine MRI to see if there’s a syrinx. Than after the MRI I meet with her again, I’m super happy thought because it seems my Chiari is now being taken serious. One step closer to looking like bandage Van Gogh :smile:.

I’m glad it went well for you, JB!


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Yes !! I agree I love looking at the mri’s !! They’re all so different, I find them amazing :hugs: x

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