My Brother

This is somewhat Chiari related as it has to do with my 40 y.o. brother.

Today I got a call from his wife stating he was hospitalized due to progressing symptoms of tremors, almost like seizures, and she was really scared for him. I went to visit him at the hospital.

He had been exhibiting symptoms of Chiari prior to these tremors however his neurosurgeon was dismissing his symptoms of "an unknown neurological origin." I told him time to switch neurosurgeons! They only ordered at T-spine MRI and not a full spine & brain MRI.

Now since he has been admitted today, they are sending him for a Brain & Cervical MRI - not sure if they are still going to do the T-spine MRI.

Until we get results back, I can't speculate one way or the other. His initial bloodwork came back 'normal' with two more results pending and his CT Scan of the Brain was "normal."

I know there are too many unknown variables however has anyone here experienced severe neurological symptoms like this (with or without one or more syrinx) and ended up being diagnosed with CM?

It is my understanding that CM and syrinx can mimic many different types of neurological disorders.

This is so frustrating and heart wrenching because our Dad is on hospice and our youngest brother is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma for the 3rd time (and he's only 32)!!!

Thanks for taking time out to read this.

Hopefully I can have some more answers for you this week.

Keeping your family in your prayers and agree with what the others have said.

Salsap, how’s your brother doing? Any answers yet?

They ruled out CM, EDS, Syrinx, and found that he has a functional movement disorder where the nervous system isn't working properly. He's doing some switching of doctors and definitely is researching this because it is definitely something he isn't sure how long he can have. I didn't know if we are allowed to post links in here or not, however here is what my sister-in-law sent me:

I play guitar and get the carpopedal spasm at times - we are all a medical mess right now! :-)

I'll keep you posted on how he's doing, thanks for checking in jcdemar, much appreciated!