Music listening

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I am one of the many humans that enjoy listening to music, for fun, for emotion, and for the art. Music also plays a big role in self-treatment and your day to day emotion. One of our new members (@Tonimarie82) enjoys listening to music too! What kind of music do you all listen to? How does it differ every day both normally and with your symptoms in mind?

Welcome to our community @Tonimarie82! What do you listen to?

I am excited to hear your responses!

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Music is a major part of my life. Usually listen to all types, from classical to easy listening. Also, enjoy music from many countries from around the world. I listen to music to cope with tinnitus symptoms. Also it is a way to destress after work and it helps with the headaches. Thank you for the question.

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I listen to all kinds of music. Growing up i didn’t have tv so I listened to a lot of music. Music is an art & as much as I love the words to a song its the beats for me, I can typically hear a sound no one else hears til I bring it to their attention. I love music :notes: :musical_note::notes::musical_note:

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I really enjoy listening to music, actually more than watching tv. When I’m home I pretty much have music on all day until evening when I will then turn on the tv for a couple of hours. Music definitely lifts my mood and my mood definitely plays a part in what I’m listening to. Lately I have been trying to learn a little more about meditation and the app I have for that has relaxing music and sounds. I find this helps me most when I’m having a bad pain day. Just having soothing noise in the background is about all I can handle when the pain and pressure has knocked me down for the day. Music truly does soothe the soul!