Mri's stink!

I go today for my 1 year CINE MRI. I go in with the assumption that all will be good and normal. But I just want to say I really hate these. And obviously after two surgeries and turned into a human pin cushion I have dealt with worse but why do these have to be so bad. I guess I am suppose to be grateful for the medical advancements that even allow this machine to exist - but really?!?! It has been out for 25 years - they can’t improve it at all for those with head and neck problems? Really?!?! Does it have to be like having your head in a trash can while a jackhammer pounds away??? I am truly dreading it. I know already that tonight and tomorrow will be a bad headache day caused by the darn machine designed to test it. My son has his second baseball game that I will more than likely miss. I guess I am just not happy today. I didn’t sleep well and I guess I am just cranky. So thanks to the medical community for inventing this machine that changed the whole face of medicine and treatments but for heaven sake please improve it!! Maybe I just needed to get that out. Thanks for allowing me to vent this. Oh and BTW - not really happy with chiari either!!!

Good luck....let us know how you are later!

Sorry you have such a difficult time with your scans. I'm actually a MRI Tech. While I feel your pain with the inconvenience and general displeasure of an MRI, they have come a long way. They have shortened the amount of scan time it takes. There is a lot of physics behind the workings of a scanner, hence the vibrations and noise. Have you tried some sedation?