MRI Thoughts, Please!

So, in November 2012, I had another MRI done because my symptoms had suddenly progressing.

These are 3 different images done on the same day. My second NS said 8mm, and my third said between 9-10mm, and I tried measuring the images on my own.

It loos like that there is a "fair" amount of CSF flow, but is that possible to have cut off if I'm jostled? I've noticed a few physical activities that strain my back or my neck create severe, sharp pain in my head that lasts for only a few seconds after the activity. I've also noticed those types of movements create motor problems--stiff or numb legs. I just recently had both legs get very tingly (not pins and needles) and felt like they were going to collapse underneath me--this too was about 10-20 seconds.

I told my new NS, Dr. Andrew Little if anyone knows him, this and he wasn't concerned at all (he's kind of a jerk to begin with). Is this something I should or shouldn't be worried about?

I've also heard mixed reviews about +4mm having their symptoms worsen over time--is this true?

The rest of my symptoms are pretty manageable, mostly headaches/pressure and nerve pain in arms, legs, shoulders,neck, and back. The severe stuff doesn't happen too often, and other symptoms only arise when I'm active.

Please, please let me in on your thoughts about all this! I'm a little conflicted and confused after a rotten appointment with Little.

450-MRI1.jpg (215 KB) 451-MRI2.jpg (210 KB) 452-MRI3.jpg (234 KB)

The NS I just saw yesterday said that the size doesn't matter. He goes by symptoms. He also said some symptoms are life altering to some and others can live with it. Really it is different for each patient. I'm sure a syrnix (or however it is spelled) adds to the complications and the decision to treat or not. BTW my report says 7mm but the NS said the crowding isn't too bad.

Have you looked into Ehlers danlos syndrome or at least asked about having an upright MRI done to see if the herniation worsens with change of position? The size doesnt matter- whne you had a thorough neurologocal exam did the NS tell you if all of your refexes etc were good or any signs of nystagmus- balance problems. Symptoms and results of a good neuro work up should be enough;0

Do most people with EDS have very flexible joints, stretchy, frail skin? I read people with EDS have distinct facial features also -- small thin nose, thin upper lip, distinctive eyes (not sure what that means). I hope those are the characteristics b/c I have none of those. I don't need another diagnosis. I see it being talked about on this site though -- must go along with Chiari?