MRI shows Chiari?

Can someone look at my husbands MRI and tell me if they think he has Chiari? We are going to Mayo on Wednesday and are hopeful that this is his diagnosis. Thanks in advance! Screen%20Shot%202015-06-12%20at%2010.16.54%20PM.png

Hi there mkboreson, great news that you are off to the Mayo tomorrow. I wish you and your husband a great consultation. In the meantime no-one here is a doctor so I'm sorry that we can't diagnose your husbands MRI scan but do please let us know how he gets on and we are here for your support. Thinking of you both.

Hi Jules! Oh, I know that, I was just wondering if it looks like Chiari to anyone here. We’ve been given a different diagnosis, but had it looked at by our chiropractic neurologist and he said there is an issue with his cerebellum tonsils. Thank you for the thoughts; I’ll keep you posted!