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MRI Scan


Hi Everyone, would it be possible to get ur opinion on my MRI please.


Please keep in mind we are not medical professionals and are not qualified to read MRI scans. We offer lay-person opinions only, and I stress opinions. Only a qualified medical professional can read a MRI.



Compared to my sons MRI from today, yours looks very clear with lots of CSF flowing. What is your question?


I was told today the CSF is dark on the MRI


Just to clarify, this depends on the type of MRI scan completed.

For example T-1 weighted images Provides good contrast between gray matter (dark gray) and white matter (lighter gray) tissues, while CSF is void of signal (black).

T-2 weighted images provides good contrast between CSF (bright) and brain tissue (dark). Some T2 sequences demonstrate additional contrast between gray matter (lighter gray) and white matter (darker gray).

There is also another type of MRI scan known as Proton Density weighted which provides good contrast between gray (bright) and white (darker gray) matter, with little contrast between brain and CSF.

This may all sound very confusing and this is why all MRI’s should be read by a qualified radiologist or at the very least a qualified medical professional.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team