MRI review from the imaging place

I am beyond frustrated at this point. My MRI results game back normal of my brain... I have EDS and POTS and autonomic dysfunction and I have most all the symptoms from chiari I thought for sure they would find something. My entire head base of skull hurts and when I press on it, it feels like a bruise and feels like releasing pressure, I have had swallowing issues throat soreness, hoarse voice different times throughout the day and major headaches that radiate from the back to my ears and behind my eyes. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this MRI? I am not convinced this is normal and will be sending my records for a second opinion. Thanks

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I think sending out for another opinion is a good idea. I don’t see tonsils below the base of your skull, but maybe on a different slice just one of the tonsils hangs down?? There is also such a thing as Chiari 0, but even fewer surgeons acknowlege it- maybe do a little research on who these surgeons are before sending your MRI out. Your symptoms do sound Chiari like to me. I’m sorry your not getting answers. Oh, also, if you have EDS do some looking into cranio-cervical instability- this can happen with some eds people, and it has a lot if the same symptoms as Chiari cause the spinal cord gets compromised.


Thanks ladies, it’s so nice to have such amazing support! I’m Pursuing this with the right professionals.

here are a few pictures of what you are talking about . what do you think? it looks to me I may have more spinal fluid but you can cleary see my tonsills in there

here are a few pictures of what you are talking about . what do you think? it looks to me I may have more spinal fluid but you can cleary see my tonsills in there

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Here is a couple of those images from the top side

I can’t see the images but dont always go off of the radiologist report. My neurosurgeon requested updated MRI’s that we just went over today- the radiologist reported that my tonsils are “low lying but within normal limits” but my neuro said he strongly disagrees and their about 7mm herniated. Always get the opinion of a neurosurgeon who knows about Chiari and even if one doesn’t see it, try about 3. Sounds like my exact symptoms but I have a longer list of them but how you described your headaches are spot on! Get different opinions before you just take what one or two people say/think! You know yourself better than anybody and your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. Go on YouTube and search “Mystery Diagnosis Chiari Malformation” the girl portrayed went through the ringer until one doctor spotted it and treated her. Good Luck to you!

Hi Mandy,

Thanks so much for these videos they are great info!! I live in Colorado and contacted Dr. Oro and his office says in order to be seen I need just the mri report faxed to them... Well the problem is my MRI report is normal however they didn't check for chiari etc... and I can clearly see I have low lying and the fact I have EDS and POTS I am pretty sure that is where my headaches and neck aches are coming from.... So not sure what to do, I have thought of going down to his office to make an appointment. However I sent my stuff to TCI and should hear from them in the next few weeks she said. I pray that can help me. Again these videos are outstanding thanks!