MRI results! Input?

So I got the results of my MRI and here they are. Over the past week I have been experiencing an increase in numbness in my left leg when I am standing. It’s only in the upper part of the leg. I am struggling with deciding if this is part of this problem or another problem all together. Input is needed and welcome! Thanks in advance!
218-image.jpg (1.44 MB)

Thank you Abby!

Emmaline, I did not have a CINE MRI. It occurred to me after the fact that I should have insisted on an MRI of my head also bc in my last MRI 4 years ago I had hydrocephalus. But they just did C-Spine this time. It would be a 8 mm Herniation. I will research the CINE and request one. Thank you for your input!

Hi Jaime, I have left arm pain, I went to see my neurologist last week and he says my herniation is affecting my left side more than my right. This was after a MRI of my c-spine.