MRI pics

I finally figured out how to snip the images that were flagged. Anyone care to take a look? I know you aren't medical professionals etc but I would like to see what you all think. I can see the chiari but can't really tell how far down it is. And the spine images that were flagged for bulging C^ and C7 I really can't tell a diference... and curious if anyone sees any pockets of fluid or if it is my imagination. :)






Hope this works!

I see my first neurosurgeon Friday. I was just trying to find the foramen magnum to get a clearer idea where it begins lol

You are right we do all want to know NOW lol

And I understand that the length doesn't necessarily matter, I was just curious to see if it looks long or however you want to word it lol More of the, I want to know some one else sees it so I don't get the "well it is only minimal" or it isn't that bad. Again I am trying to go in with an open mind.

I am actually pretty hopeful for this appointment as the office i am going to my husbands mom worked on the neuro unit at the hospital for years and knows the surgeons personally. So I am hoping it goes good and if not she has given me a name of the one (at the same office) that she really likes. She said she saw a lot of chiari patients while there. (she worked on the floor)

fingers are crossed!