MRI/Cine report recv'd.. What is a towering Cerebellum?

Ok I got my Imaging report:

Third and fourth lateral ventricles are within normal size and position. There is a mild decrease in the size of the fourth ventricle with inferior displacement of the cerebellar tonsils extending approximately 7mm below the level of the foramen magnum. The angle between the tentoriuma dn twining's line (posterior sella turica to the internal occiptial protuberance) measure appproximately 48degrees and this is greater than the normally anticipated 36 degrees angle indicative of a TOWERING CEREBELLUM. The supraocciut measures approximately 3.9cm and this is below the normally anticipated 4.8 cm indicative a small posterior foss and correlating with the finding of a Chiari 1 malformation

CSF: There is a moderate increase in CSF flow at the level of the foramen magnum and the velocity measurements are as follows: 12cm/sec, anterior 3 cm/sec, posterior 2cm/sec, right lateral 4cm/sec and left lateral 7cm/sec. These velocity measurements are moderately elevated consistent with moderate stenosis at the level of the foramen magnum. No evidenceof flow restriction to indicate acute or subacute ischemia..

Okay.. I understand some of this. I capatilized Towering Cerebellum, because what is this!?

Thanks all!

It appears my csf flow is technically normal, but on the higher end. Is correct? If so would diamox help with headaches. I was given this from a neurologist before dx and nothing to do with Chiari, just for headaches. Before "cycle"


NS did read it, and suggested surgery. But this towering thing got me freaked out. Its listed as a MRI finding under Chiari Malformation type 2. So this is strange and unsettling. Thanks.

The doctor and radiologist actually worked on making the most out of the chiari mri's for his patients. He told him exactly what he wanted measured and such. He didn't mention the towering thing, and the radiologist dx'd it as Chiari 1. Its just scary to read that and know its associated not with 1, but 2. Doctor did say, he didn't think the measurement was 7mm, though it maybe smaller.

Then you can have it! lol