"mild tethered cord" and steroid injections

I called the NS who did my decompression surgery because I am having extreme numbness on left side and dizzy spells, falling and blurry vision plus really intense lower back pain that travels down my legsand bladder problems. He called back and wants to try steroid injections from a Pain Specialist for my neck? He had me wearing a soft collar for a couple of "mildly" herniated cervical discs. They had classified my 8 -10mm Chiari as "mild" too until I had decompression surgery then he said that there was more congestion than the MRI showed. He reviewed my films again and said that there may be evidence of "mild tehered cord" he may have missed ...they seem to be throwing that "mild" word around too much ughhh :(..anyway has anyone had steroid injections ? What should I expect? how about this "mild" tethered cord?

thanks Emmaline. I get your point. This whole "mild" word is ridiculous I am going to ask around about the steroid shots. The tethered cord is bothering me a little because he missed it the first time..he said it only showed some degeneration first time he read the films. I had already lost bladder control in Dec of 2011. They did all kind of tests nothing showed so my OBGYN was at loss and was not ruling out nerve problems but he did put me on a bladder control med. which helped but I still have urgency and everytime they do a urine test I always have blood in the sample.

right Beeba . I wish he would make up his mind. My Chiari was "mild' yet there was more wrong when I had surgery ...I hate to think of the "what if"with a "mild tethered cord" so I am going to keep on pushing like I always have.

not that I know he just said he looked at the lumbar MRIagain he may have missed it I have lower back pain everyday which radiates to my leg sometimes I can't even walk , my left side is numb and bladder problems which he said may be symptoms of a tethered cord.

lol yes I do know what that is I am pretty sure I don't have one but I will check or have my PCP check. I am going to get an appontment to discuss the steroid shots and other symptoms .

My hubby sneezes when he is full so does his mom. when my wounds heal they have a smooth surface keloids I think they are called. Our youngest daughter had a "mongolian spot" birthmark. I had to have the daycare call the office everytime i switched because they thought it was abuse.

My daughter is part Asian and has the mongolian spot and I had to present a letter from her doctor because her gym teacher though she was abused!

As for the mild tethered cord I'm not sure what that would mean. My doctor said my spinal cord ended further down that was normal but he didn't see any evidence of it being tethered so it was probably inconsequential.

Thanks Beeba! I had no clue what a sacral dimple is and now I've just seen 100 confusing pictures on Google that did nothing to clarify it and I really feel like I need to go to the restroom and look at my butt in the mirror but I'm at work so that is probably a bad idea. lol. ;p

Beeba said:

Sorry Liz I am laughing when I write this - do you know what a sacral dimple is? Not being condescending. I have it and always thought it was normal until pediatrician said my daughter had it. You may think it is normal.

As a matter of fact I do have the bumps inside my mouth, my second toe is too long, and I have faint lines on my forearms that I thought everyone had until my husband noticed them and informed me they are not universal.