Mild Sphenoid Sinus Disease?

Hi all,

I have a question about sphenoid sinus disease.

I recently had a CT scan with contrast to find the source of a lump-like sensation in my neck.

During that CT scan they found I had mild sphenoid sinus disease on the right side only.

Could this be contributing to the Chiari symptoms?

Mainly pressure in the head,ears and neck, foggy thinking, digestive issues, pain in eyes and face, vertigo and eye tracking issues, pain turning my head: right,left,up and down, tender top of head and sinus pain and bad headaches. And of course fatigue, paresthesias and light/sound sensitivitiy.

I go to the Dr tomorrow but who knows what she will say.

I was told my CT scan was normal and that is not normal.

I also have this: Tiny region of skin infiltration is noted at the level of the body of

the right mandible on image
102 amenable to direct visualization.

Whatever that means.

The thing that irritates me is I have been complaining about stuff for so long and no one ever mentions this stuff.

I did not have access to my medical tests I would never know I had Chiari since my Dr deemed it an "incidental finding"

Keep going to specialists until you have the answer, sounds like a problem that needs to be cleared up for you.

I would see an ENT about the sinus disease. Let us know how your appt goes.