Mesh moved from work injury

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I had ACM surgery on 08/04/2011 and it went perfect! Tethered Cord surgery in 2015. Now a biohazard bin fell on my head at work and the mesh on the back of my head moved. Wondering if someone else had this happen, if they needed a second surgery to secure it, and anything else?


Hey Tina,
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There are a few variables to your question here and in all honesty it really is a question that only a neurosurgeon could answer. For some people movement could have a minimal impact and yet for others it could well be catastrophic. Depending on the amount of movement and the surrounding structures it could be deemed as too greater risk to surgically intervene but by the same accord it could be deemed too greater risk not to intervene. Due to this my suggestion would be to make an appointment with your neurosurgeon, if possible, to obtain a comprehensive opinion on your own personal situation.

Some surgeons may be of the opinion that some movement maybe within the safe parameters and if your symptoms are deemed manageable any intervention could be seen as too higher risk. Although my own neurological situation is different, my symptoms were seen as manageable by the medicos. That was until they obtained images (CT), then they could see that things could only progress in a negative way and decided it would be better to intervene now rather than allow things to progress.
Each case needs to be individually assessed by a fully qualified neurosurgeon.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Thank you so much! I just met with my neurosurgeon today and nothing moved drastically :hugs:

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