Memory loss

Hello guys. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted in here but have been reading the discussions and posts. I am 14 months post op and feel like I am falling back into my pre-surgery days. If I don’t medicate, I have a daily HA. I am on Diamox 500 mg twice a day, fiorinal with codeine once a day, flexeril once a day, ambian at night and probably take anywhere from 1600-3200 mg of ibuprofen per day depending on my pain level for that day. So… With that out of the way, lol, I have been having memory loss that is getting in my opinion worse. I’m unable to retain information and get lost and or confused when driving to places and I’ve lived in the same city my whole life! It’s very frustrating because my job is a very physical job and requires me to be alert and reactive at all times. I am struggling with what to do and a lot of times, I play it off so as not to bring attention to myself. Anyone else have these problems? Any advise?

Momma, I think it’s time to see your surgeon Again, or a different surgeon. Sound like a new MRI is in order. I’m sorry this is all coming down on you again:(.

Thanks jcdemar. I do too. My NS on my last visit recommended I see a pain mgnt dr for nerve block injections. I haven’t made the appt yet. I know, I know, I’m gonna make it but that will do nothing for my memory! That’s my biggest problem right now. The pain is an issue to so, I guess one problem at a time huh? I want to promote to a higher position with my job but it requires a written test that some people study for 6 months to a year. I can’t retain information sometimes for one day! The test is like a college culmative year long exam! I’m so in a slump.

I’m glad you reached out, I’m sorry your in a slump:( the memory issue is a trickery one cause there not a pill for it! The only thing I can think of with the memory is that the meds probably exacerbate it. I’m not suggesting you don’t take them cause being in pain is the worst of the chiari issues. It’s a catch 22. Don’t give up though, I think anything is possible. If you want the promotion at work a way will forge its self. I do think investigating the new symptoms is definitely important though.