Memorial Day

I know there are afew blue star momma's in here and chances are some vets, family of military. Happy Memorial Day to you all, and to my brothers and sisters in arms and their mommas~ if you ever need help or talk send me a message and I'll help all I can. To those that have lost family in the military~Thank you for the sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day too you to- as an ex-army wife (my husband has been out now 8 years) we still celebrate Memorial Day with reverance!! Hope all who sacrife for our freedoms - both those who serve/served and those who love them - have a blessed day and blessed life.

I am going in uniform to a ceremony but Legion post is upset I am not feeling safe with what is going on to do rifle line. First year I am actually on sidelines for ceremony

Happy Memorial Day and thank you for your service. My husband is a vet, all the men in his family have served. It's an important day to remember all those that have given us so much.

Great Post !!!!

Happy Memorial Day !!!!! Thank you all who has sacrificed for Our Country !!! Families Scarifice More than many people know. Kiss all your Husbands & or wives & tell them Thank you !!!