Meet Sarah

Hi @sclancy,

Welcome to the community! Sarah is one of our younger members, she hopes to start to travel and teach abroad when she gets the chance to! She is scheduled for her first surgery in a few weeks too. Give her some positive words of advice!
It would be wonderful to hear more about your plans and aspirations! Where do you want to teach? Is there somewhere you would like to travel to in particular? Don’t hesitate to start a new topic about how you are hoping to exist separately from your diagnosis. We have many members who do amazing things while they struggle through this!



Hi Jakob! So nice to meet you. My goal is to learn Spanish to eventually be an advocate as a journalist, lawyer, or politician to support immigrant communities. I want to teach in Mexico! I have friends in Hermosillo, but I’m open to looking into many locations. I would definitely appreciate some positive words of advice, I’ve never had surgery before, so for a first timer being brain related, I’m pretty nervous. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Of course Sarah! That is super cool, would you be teaching it to native Spanish speakers, or trying to further the native culture and language on to ex-pats living in Mexico by making the country more accessible to them?
It is good to have goals in mind or just things that you would like to do when you are facing something like surgery. It will definitely suck post-op. Rehab is kind of a pain, but it can be fun! PTs and OTs are super nice, patient, and wonderful to be around. It is amazing the things that you can adapt to over a short period of time. Try to enjoy and tap into the understanding and empathizing that those around you shower you with and hold on, just keep your goals in mind and don’t get lost!

Thank you for joining us! It sounds like you are a great addition!!