Medicinal management

Hi everyone! I am 24 as was diagnosed last January. Unlike most people my chiari is progressive and no one really knows why… I go to the nuerosurgeon again on the 16th to discuss surgery but I want to know I anyone is managing with just medication and what kind? I’ve been on nearly all the migraine meds but can’t find a good cocktail… it’s like a losing battle. anyone living comfortably on meds??

Cambia is a new Migraine med. It is a "fail safe". Meaning, if nothing else takes care of it - take this. I have been lucky enough to get sample packs from my pain management doctor. IT WORKS!. I also get pain injections into my occipital minor and major nerves that help keep the everyday Migraine under control. Not gone, but they haven't been as bad and I have only had to take Cambia once in 3 months. I also take Amitriptyline every evening with dinner.

Hi Erin,

It is very normal to see changes in the size of your herniation. I take Amitriptylene 75 mg at night & Fioricet during the day for headaches, along with my daily medicine regiment of Tramadol 100 mg -three times a and Clonazepam 1 mg-three times a day. I have tried every medication except Cambia over 7 years. I have also had many nerve blocks & Ablation therapy. If you have an option I would stay off narcotics unless they are absolutely necessary. I am not telling you this because of addiction. I took very strong narcotics for years & they affect your sleep patterns & have many side effects. They also stop your body's natural endorphin's that help control pain. I would advise you to see a Pain Mgmt Specialist or a Neurologist.

Please let us know how you are doing,

Tracy Z.

I was on Amitriptiline 50 mlg twice a day with over the counter pain meds for a while, but with kids the Amitriptyline made it hard for me to wake up. I’ve recently in the last two months started taking Nortatrpliptiline 50 mlg twice a day with over the counter meds thro the day. I’ve found that if you take a tylonal 3 right at the very onset of a headache it usually will stop it. But it may only stop the headache, most of the time at least for me the body aches and sick to my stomach feeling are still there… I have yet to find anything for the numbness.

I take Zomig for my headaches and it is a wonderful medication for me. I usually only need a half tablet because a full one knocks me out.

Everyone is different. The decompression surgery is also a treatment not a cure. It helps lessen the severity of some symptoms and some of the others go away. It all depends on how much damage has been done over the years by the herniation. My headaches are so much better since my surgery. They are less fequent and the intesity is much less. I don't regret having surgery.