Material for the patch

What is your preference and why??? My surgeon will be using my own tissue what are the pros and cons? Complications? Debate please that’s how I learn :slight_smile:

My own tissue will be used too. I prefer that, Ive heard that some people have rejection issues with the others. I would like to avoid any possible complications that I can.

I kind of think the same thing with foreign material in my body but I also don’t know the logistics of it that’s why I’m asking common sense tells me my own tissue but I don’t know the durability and function etc. so something else may perform that function better? Idk ?


Have you visited the NY Chiari Institute's website? They have some great videos that were done by the Neurosurgeons there, and one of them is just about the different duraplasty materials that are available and which ones they prefer to use. I found it very informative. Here is a link to the videos page:

Thanks Donna!!!

My son had surgery 5/29/12 and his own tissue was used. The benefit of using their own tissue is less chance or rejection or infection. The biggest con to using your own tissue is the risk of scar tissue forming. The body recognizes your own tissue so well that it starts to heal quickly. When that happens, the scar tissue can form and cause blockage of the spinal fluid and the syrinx can remain. I only know this because my son has to have surgery again in a few weeks in less than a year. We are so upset by this. We have spoken to two surgeons who both agree that there is most likely a scar tissue problem. So now they have to do surgery again-very similar procedure but more involved. They need to remove the scar tissue and will now be using a synthetic patch. I believe it is called Dura-Guard, which is supposed to be very good. My son is 6, so I dont know if this scarring is more common in pediatric patients because of their rapid growth. I would definitely find out first. Let me know. Good luck!!!

Thanks I will ask!!!