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Massage therapy

Hi all! So I posted this awhile back but didn’t get any answers so I’m just going to try and post again!

Does anyone know if massage therapy is beneficial; does it help to alleviate the symptoms? I’m heading to university in the fall and if massage therapy is beneficial I was curious if anyone knows if it would be possible to get my massage therapy fees covered for me because of chiari.

~ sincerely, a broke student trying to save a penny

I had acupuncture once and they use massage with it, I know that helped a little, but I couldn’t tell you if it was the massage alone. I would look at acupuncture if you haven’t.

Yes I’m pre surgery, and at this point I have been told it is not necessary.

Natasha, I don’t how much or if it would be covered??? You’ll have to call or ask your PCP. But as long as there is no chiropractic manipulation try it. It may help, our muscles are tight! Also, super cheap, is Arnica gel. It works wonders with muscle issues and even nerve stuff. I buy it at Walmart. Magnesium supplements and Vitamin D3 also help with pain.


I use the gel, but I don’t think it makes a difference :slight_smile: