Managing fear

Any tips on how to manage the fear of upcoming surgery?

keep busy, talk to friends...that's the best I got with my daughter's surgery next week.

Totally agree with above. Have full confidence in your neurosurgeon. Also try to envision how much better things will be when symptoms are alleviated :) Best wishes! My heart goes out to everyone who is either suffering or affected by those living with this condition.

I remember I was all ready once I had personally made the decision to have the surhery, were it an option from my surgeon; once my surgeon told me it was my only option and I was scheduled for surgery, the closer the date got (I had 5 days between seeing my surgeon and getting my operation) the more nervous I became. The day of my surgery I was terribly scared, and nauseous. I wasn’t scared something would go wrong, just of the pain I’d be in afterwards.
There really wasn’t much I could do other than keep my mind busy, I played games, colored, read books, just anything.
Just remember when you get to the hospital they will keep you as comfortable as possible snd once you’re preped for OR and met with all of your doctors and signed your papers they will give you something to relax. If they don’t mention giving you something- do not hesitate to ask. For my first surgery the stuff they gave me, knocked me out before I was even rolled in to the OR room I was that relaxed.
You’ll just need to keep your mind busy, it helped me to talk to my family about it, as they were my support system, and have trust in your surgical team that they will make sure you’re calm and comfortable.

Best of luck with your surgery!

Hi Lauren, I send you my best wishes
Before my first surgery I tried to focus on positive things and had good support from my family. That was in 2012, listen to your doc and take time to heal.

I can relate to your nervousness because my surgery is only days away. I have been trying to keep myself busy so my mind can’t overthink. Try to occupy yourself, try so stay positive the best you can but stay rested. Good luck!

I have scheduled appointments with a hypnotherapist to manage pain, prior to my daughter's surgery. We'll find out on Wednesday, June 1st of the exact date of her surgery, but I hope to get 2 or 3 sessions in. I've only read positive outcomes relating to hypnosis and surgery (in general) in the research. Worth a try!

I can truly relate. My surgery is in two weeks, I have been nervous and my partner is not supportive . I rely on my friends to keep me calm . I've been trying to stay busy and read a lot of books. I'm glad I have found this great support group.

My surgery is on Wednesday and the thing that's keeping my mind at ease is knowing I'm prepared for it.

Glad to hear you're prepared Yvonne, wishing you well for Wednesday and look foward to hearing how you're doing when you've recovered. Kindest, Jules

Just think about how much better you’ll feel (after you get through the surgical pain).
You’ll actually be able to make it through your day with out a headache. It’s wonderful. The things some people take for granted lol