Making a Chiari Video!

HI Everyone! I have already made a Chiari Video. But I made second one! I hope everyone makes one too! It really does help you and help spreads awareness! <3

Please make one too! (: Thank you!

Beatifully done Sydney! (: It is very moving and powerful, and the song you chose was perfect. This is a great way to help spread awareness. You are a strong and courageous young woman and I hope you continue to feel better everyday! Thank you for helping spread awareness!


You are so beautiful inside and out !!! Since you joined everyone has been cheering for you and holding our breath and praying for you through bad times. You are an actual Chiari Miracle. Your hearing was restored and you have gotten your life back. You also made the best CM Video I have ever seen. I always said I couldn't wait to see the remarkable things you did with your life, but never knew you would start so soon. I cry thinking of everything you have had to endure and all the doctors negativity and look at you now. If anyone with CM should ever write a book it should be you. I know 1000's Chiarians and your story would help them all. Thank God for Dr. Heffez. He is a truly Great NS and I hope every NS that turned you down and made you jump through hoops gets a copy of your video. Maybe it will help others from struggling as you have. Maybe those Dr's will rethink their stance on Chiari. Please let us know how you are doing from time to time and let us know all the happiness in your life. When you joined you joined a new family that cares about you.

Thank you for letting me see how well you are doing. Saying I am happy for you and your loved ones doesn't even beging to describe my feelings. You will make a difference in the world. You can see it on your face an through your spirit,

Tracy Z.

Great job Sydney! I loved your videos. :)

Love it, great Job Sydney. I am so going to make one. Glad you are doing better and better!

awesome work! I blogged it on the Ben's Friends Blog so more people would see it. that goes out to twitter too!

Hi sydney this video was such an inspiration to my 15 yr old daughter who was just diagnosed with chiari last month ty so much every person out there with chiari is definitely my hero take care an the very best wishes

Hugs kim

What a moving and powerful video! You are doing a wonderful job spreading Chiari awareness!

I loved that!! I have surgery in 15 days, and I'm excited but way freaked out. This helps!!!

That was beautiful!!! I am scheduled for surgery May 20th, so nervous. Your video helped! How are you feeling??