Made it to rehab

I was discharged today from Shadyside straight into rehad.....Br B says surgery is a success and he got all of my tumor as well...minor set backs are double vision and right side is not working up to par...cant walk without assistance...these are new symptoms since surgery on Monday...he says it will clear up and rehab will help it....I have only been using vicodin for pain and a muscle relaxer at night and so far the pain is manageable....I can already tell some of the Chiari symptoms are gone so i am looking forward to moving thru rehab and starting out new....first 36 hrs were brutal but I would reccomend to anyone who suffers at the hands of this horrible disease to find a good doctor and consider your options

Good news! I hope you continue to make great strides!


So happy that you are on the other side of the operation and on the mend. It must be such a huge relief that it went so well and you are already feeling the positive effects. Just take it easy, be kind and patient with yourself and keep us updated when you can. Sending you prayers and healing energy.


The nice thing about rehab is that it may start you on some healthier habits. I only say this because I am 15 lbs. heavier now (all muscle :)) thanks to habits started by physical therapy. The PT helped so much with some of the flare-ups, that now I lift weights everyday out of habit, and my body looks better than it ever did. (Lifelong comic and video-game dork here.) PT may seem like hell at 1st but god is it worth it.