Lumbar mri

I have experienced chronic lower back/pelvic/hip pain since I was younger and it has become progressively worse over the years. Obviously carrying and giving birth to 4 children didn't help but oh so worth it. Anyways my neurosurgeon sent me for a lumbar MRI to rule out fat deposits in spinal column as well as tethered cord. I was looking over the disc of images they gave me and found one that caught my eye. I have been searching for 2 hours to find an image like it but no luck. Have any of you ever seen this on a spinal mri? There is a round dark circle on the actual vertebrae itself. I have looked up everything I can think of from cyst to just typing dark spot on lumbar spine lol.. I do not have a radiologist report as I just had the MRI today and they sent me with a disk since my dr apt is tomorrow morning and one will not be ready until next week.

Momma4, I have some spots that look like that in my T-spine. Mine are hemangiomas (blood vessel tumors) and are nothing to worry about. I also have a large fatty tumor at the bottom of my L-spine. Let us know what the NS says :slight_smile:


Neurosurgeon looked at images. My disc is herniating into my vertebrae which caused the void. MRI also showed bladder abnormalities, cysts in nerve sheath, & a tethered cord.

Glad you got some straight forward answers, now you can plan. I’m glad for you.


How do you feel about it?

not too sure what to think.. just tired of the pain and bladder issues. Was hoping for more of a game plan other than we need you to see a urologist before we go forward. Headaches are frequent, pelvic/hip/back pain is constant, and depression is returning.. I am to damn young to feel this damn old lol.