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Low to high grade fever for the last 2 weeks after surgery?


Hey everyone! I’m glad to be a part of this group. I had my decompression surgery on 11JAN 2019. All has been good and I believe I have been healing very well. The only problem is that I have had a fever ranging from 99-102 every single day since I have been out of the hospital. I also have a little lump growing on the bottom right side of my scar. But it doesnt feel fluid filled and the DR. Did a CT and said it didnt tell us anything. I have had ultrasounds In legs looking for blood clots and labs for days that keep saying my white blood cell count is regular. She said the incision is healing very nicely and does not look like it is infected. At my last post up which I have had twice a week since due to fever. She told me that it may be a certain menegitis OR an infection in my brain that they will have to open me up again. The problem is that the treatment for menegitis is steroids and if it happens to be an infection the steroids will make the infection way worse. Has anyone ever gone through this? Also, should mention I am in n the Navy and Navy docs are not know to be the best and brightest. Please help! I’m supposed to go back to work on valentines day but I still have a nonstop fever and very bad nausea. Thanks yall!


I’m answering about the scar – you can do scar therapy to help with the knot and with scar formation in general. It’s very, very easy:

  1. using two fingers make a small circle in rotation 10 times at the start of the scar, you don’t need to use any real pressure, just enough to move the skin/scar
  2. slid your fingers to the next section, repeat roation
  3. continue the length of the scar
  4. go back the other way reversing the rotation

Do this at least three times a day for … well, for as long as you want or until the scar is healed and flat.

I used it on my shoulder reconstruction scar and now have a nice, flat, thin white scar.



Thanks! Hopefully that helps that part! Now to figure out the sporadic temp and I’m all set lol