Low grade temp?

for the last few months my husband has noticed that occasionally that i feel warm so then he checks my temp and i have a low grade temp usually around 101.8, when i was at docs last it was 102. something and it was dismissed as to say ahh just a little high cuz of all the running around and anxiety

anyway just wondering if anyone else whos been zipped runs a low grade temp more on then off..lol

i guess if its anything it will show up in that uber fasting b/w they just took from me to check everything under the sun! lol (yes even red and white blood cells)


how long ago was your surgery?? I would be concerned and I'm not sure why your doctor is not.... Running a temp whether its low or high means the body is trying to fight off some kind of infection,virus or other foreign stuff in the body..

I always feel super warm almost HOT inside and to touch but when i take my temp it is normal so I don't think you could be running a fever of almost 102 because of anxiety and running around,.

I would wait until you get the results from your blood work and then pressure the doc to find out WHY you are having a temp...

Good Luck to you and I hope you get to feeling better!

Take Care


Lisa.....Just my opinion....101.8 is not low grade....I never heard of anxiety raising a temp.....glad you had blood work..was that recent???

Oh...do you happen to chew peppermint gum..peppermint life savers??? the actual peppermint oil used in these can actually raise your temp...but it will go down about 20 min after to take it out of your mouth.

How are you feeling this afternoon???

Oh ..one more thing just popped in my brain..scary, huh???LOL...Constipation can raise body temp.

Keep us posted.



Had decompression in 09, should know b/w results friday,

yes i do chew peppermint type gums, but rarely is temp ever taken after chewing that as i usually only chew that when iam driving.

very tired today and tremory ok thats probably not a word but you all understand it lol

ha as for consitpation thats a whole other issue...

u kno i had low grrade temps about a week atgo after an ER visit for really bad facial pains..it wud fluxuate throughout the day...i was bein told the flu but no coughin or sneezin was happenin..alonf wit d temp i had body aches...but hers hte best part..my skin wud b hot but my temp wasnt pass 100.2..n at timez it was lower..i wonder also if its from this fren of ours..but hoefully all is well with u..i gta get my resultz as well

Since my daughter was a baby you would touch her and would think she was running a fever. When you take her temp. its normal. Some days her temp runs low or high. The highest I have seen it is 100.0,that is normal for her. Sometimes I think Chiari has something to do with it. I would make sure its nothing else first. I never heard of anxiety causing a high fever. I have heard of running around like spending to much time in the sun when its hot outside.


well i should have figured as much, this office cant get anything straight sometimes- someone "forgot" to check the right boxes and the proper b/w wasnt done, so when i go in- in a fw wks i will have more bw done then for the red and whites to be checked.....if iam reading things right i am in for some new meds or a stern lecture LOL- and if i am not i am in for it all looks good to me nothing to worry about we will do these tests in a year...either way i am glad she ran them with my families medical history and all.