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Looking for Recommendation on headwear post surgery

What’s the best type of headwear post surgery? There are lots of websites advertising hats, scarves etc for chemo patients, but does anyone have a particular recommendation for chiari surgical patients?



Thanks…but my sister (who is having the surgery) lives in Chicago, so combatting the cold is definitely an issue. Good suggestion on lining another hat with an old t-shirt…

I use skull caps, and watch hats during the colder weather, but I say rock the scar if you have short hair. I also use high, straight collar zip-up pull-overs and sweaters to keep the scars covered/warm.

Our scars are like tattoos, but with better stories. Be proud of what you survived.

I had long hair before the decompression, and the surgeons were nice enough to only shave what they needed and leave the rest. (It left me with a silly looking reverse mohawk when my hair was up.)

Although I appreciate people taking the time to reply, all I was lookiing for was a recommendation (for my sister) for a particular type of head scarf or hat suitable for the post-surgical period. Some folks clearly feel strongly that others should share their view that there is no need to wear anything, but my sister has expressed a desire to do so…and I’m just trying to help out.

My surgeon only shaved a very thin strip of hair. Unless I wear my hair in a high up-do you can't tell!

I suppose if I needed head covering for warmth I would stress that it needed to be ultra soft and non-irritating. Healing can be itchy and a hat or scarf could possible make that worse!

My biggest help was a scarf to cover my neck because I couldn't handle the cold on it if I didn't have my soft collar on. Also, in my opinion, hooded sweatshirts were great because the hood bunches up over the incision and covers the back of your head.

Thanks so miuch, Beeba, very helpful!!!