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Looking for primary care doctor and female Ob Gyn, Pain specialist in or very near Hendersonville ,Nc


I have a wonderful doctor actually a DO doctor of osteopathic medicine in Charlotte North Carolina if you live there his name is Dr.Steven Bauer he’s the best but long drive for me :frowning: and a female OB-gyn there too love them both especially my primary care doctor he’s brilliant and so caring but the 5 hour round trip is extremely painful on my neck, legs and well entire body. Plus he has suggested a pain specialist but he’s in Charlotte North Carolina too ugh Can anyone recommend a primary care doctor, or Ob-Gyn? & I’m looking for a pain specialist in or around/nearby Hendersonville North Carolina?
Im a complicated patient lot’s of health issues :wink:
Thanks in advance
God bless


Neurosurgeon Michael Rosner is in Henderson,NC


I hope by now you have found some doctors. I was hoping, if you remember, if you could share the name of that pain specialist in Charlotte? I would appreciate it. Thanks