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Looking for a doctor to get another opionion

I have had 2 decompression surgeries since April 2014 and also had a LP shunt placed in June. Still feeling terrible. Bad headaches, swelling with CFS fluid at surgery site, no energy, tingling of hands, etc. My nero surgeron here in WV was sending me to the Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati, but now I have learn that they do not accept any out-of-network insurance, even though my insurance company has agreed to pay the 80/20 split. So I have been looking for another specialist and would like to know if anyone has been seen by Dr. Ghassan Bejjani in Pittsburgh PA, Or if you can recommend a great Chiari surgereon close to WV. I would greatly appreciate it. I am so upset and tired of feeling so bad. It is so bad I still can not return to work after 5 months. Thanks Pam

Sending out some prayers your way Pam. Keep hanging in and believe things happen for a reason. As for what Beeba said- I would be 100% on board with a recommendation by Henderson.

Hugs and prayers, Jenn