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‘Lo from new member in Missouri

New here. Single mom from Missouri. I was diagnosed by a NS back in 2008 with Chiari Malformation but it wasn’t a common diagnosis here back then and I got a LOT of misinformation. Haven’t been able to find a good neuro since the. So I mostly learn from research and a fairly helpful family doctor.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone and hopefully getting some support and information!

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Let me know if you have any questions…I will try to answer as best as i can :blush:

Have you been decompressed?

@TracyW I have not been decompressed and thank you for your response!

Im from Mo too :slight_smile: . My Chiari was found in 2007 with surgery that yr… but glad to see on here. Everyone on here has been so helpful and nice!

Just a piece of advice hun…please don’t settle for just any surgeon. Make sure that if you ever get the surgery, you have all of the correct testing done before surgery and that your surgeon is very knowledgeable in chiari. I made the worst mistake of settling with the wrong surgeon and I’m still not fixed.