Hello All,

I hope your holidays were great.

I wanted to ask...after decompression surgery, how long was it before you were able to lift anything.

My son had his surgery this past September and really wants to get back to his job working in a warehouse. He would be required to lift boxes. he is not due to go back to NS for a couple more months.

I was just curious what others have been told on how long you had to wait.



I had my surgery on Oct. 8th and I was told 5-7 lbs. first month. Then I went for a follow-up and he said I could increase that to up to 10-12 lbs., even though I had a small pseudomeningocele (fluid filled sack caused by CSF leaking from dura patch). I just saw him for 3 month check and the pseudo is slightly larger, so I have to go back to initial restrictions, sleep sitting upright and no "valsava" (bearing down) in hopes that this will resolve itself.

I would call your sons NS for clearance. I didn't think that I was overdoing it, but obviously I was.

My daughter was told that she couldn't lift over 5lbs for the first 3 months. She went back at the beginning of December (4 months post op) and restrictions were lifted and back to whatever she can tolerate.