Lest we forget

To family, friends, and anyone related to anyone person who has served, is serving, or training to serve - THANK YOU for all that you have done, will do, or continue to do to protect our freedoms, liberty, and our rights. These humble words can not and are a mere scratch on the surface for the gratitude my family and I feel for your sacrifice and for those that made the ultimate sacrifice may you rest in peace and know that your brothers and sisters in arms will never forget, nor will I.

Thank you Michael. I have 2 cousins who are active right now. One is in Germany and one is in Iraq. I have an Uncle who fought in Desert Storm and suffers from GWS. His son is the one in Iraq. 4 of my great uncles were drafted into the Vietnam war, one didn't make it home. And 2 of my great grandfathers were in WWII. My family really appreciates your gratitude. Our boys are the best. We love them dearly for what they have done and are doing now. The one in Iraq, Chucky, has a beautiful wife and little girl in GA, waiting for him to come home. The one in Germany, Douglas, has his mom in MO waiting on him. And of course all the rest of us are waiting for both of them. If you are a faithful man, keep them and all our boys and girls in arms in your prayers. Thank your again.