Leaving the dura open?

I found this on another site. I commented on a post about a successful surgery. The mother replied by saying that the surgeon does a new technique that helps with healing. It doesn't cause problems with the closure being too tight or not tight enough. "He lets it heal shut on its own." (the dura) Not sure how that works, but wouldn't that NOT WORK? lol. Isn't the whole reason for the glue and patches to be put in place to prevent leaks of spinal fluid? If the edura was left open wouldn't the fluid just run out all over the place? Anyone heard of this? Just curious. Yet she has had great results!

I also read a few articles that discussed the positive aspects of leaving the dura open. I am going to take some time over the next few days to find those articles again and post the links. Although everything I read is basically covered in the article that TracyZ posted. My NS does not use this method, but I think this may very well be a promising direction for future Chiari operations.

I had my dura left open during my decompression and I had nothing but complications.I developed a large (cyst) and have had to have 2 dura graft repairs in October because it caused awful low pressure headaches and numbness.So there is pro,s and con,s with leaving the dura open.

Hi Denise! I have been thinking of you. I hope you are feeling much better :slight_smile: