Lastest MRI result

I’ve just got a basic letter from my NL regarding my latest MRI… it says that I have an increase in the size of the central fluid canal going down my spine (scan was neck and brain only) which has changed from my MRI in may 2012.

Any idea what this means?

I am in the process of getting copy of the full reports and images (just for my own curiosity haha)

Im not really bothered if im honest… because I like my NS… and he has offered me the surgery anyway. (Still debating whether to go ahead or not)

But like you said… it doesnt give me an option to ask questions. Kind of like “by the way…” haha

Just dont really know what it means… and whether its something to consider towards the surgery? Hmm…
I have a 6 month open appointment with my NS. So will ask him next time I see him

(When I say im not bothered… I mean that Idont really care what the NL says… because I know I have a great NS who will help)

This was my fear emmaline… it keeps stacking up towards having the surgery. Im just too afraid to actually say “yes” to having it…