Large baseball size lump at my incision area again

Hi eveyone, I hoping someone can help. August 18, this year I had my decompression surgery. 3 weeks post op I was back in the hospital due to a build up of CSF behind my incision. I was admitted on the 11th of September and released on the 17th. While in the hospital the preformed a series of Lumpar Punctures and wrapped my head in a pressure wrap to push on the incision to push the fluid down. Well I came home on that Thursday and by Monday the 21st my incision was squishy and sore again. Now of course last time I was having pains going down my back, this time its just pressure and a feel of a needle going into my neck every once in a while. Only now the incision is beyond swollen, extremly tender, and the fluid build up is to the point it looks about the size of a baseball sitcking out from my head. Has anyone else ever have this much problems with a build up of fluid before.

Hi, brteyez.

How’re you doing? Here’s a link to some previous discussions on this topic that I hope will be helpful to you-

I’m sure you’ve let your surgeon know, but I wouldn’t hesitate going back to ER should you feel it necessary. You know your body best.

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