K I am done with chiari

4 months since diagnosed and its blew my life to crap

BF of 4 years just left me.... and I am fairly sure he doesnt want a sick life partner no matter what lame excuses he has.... I have 2 cm of brains falling out of my head and he is angry at ME for being a lil pissy lately... I dont expect him to understand but to not atleast try to understand a little of how much goes through your head ( and out of the back of it ) after finding out such a thing is ridiculous.

I check this and other chiari sites every 5 bloody mins and I give up... I wish I never found out what was wrong with me... its been there all my life and it will be there for the rest of it, so there is nothing I can do about it so there is no point in me reading stories and scaring myself with thinking" what if it kills me or what if I get symptoms as bad as that person... why me, wth did I do to deserve such a POS life" I CANNOT put up with the anxiety anymore... I cant sleep for panic/stress/worry...

So I am taking myself away from the websites and ignoring it.

I refuse to be controlled by chiari and I hope you all can try your hardest to not let it control you!

I wish you all the best of luck and hoping you all have as many pain free days as possible. And to those who have just had or are getting surgery, the best of luck for a comfotable recovery and a sucsessfull outcome! I myself wont get surgery unless I find out I have almost no CFS flow.

Thank you all for the chats and the boards to read even though 90% of them make me nervous lol.

Goodluck and goodbye folks

I wish you the best of luck and I pray it all works out for you!

Best of luck to you.