Just wondering

Hi. I have AC type I myself but also have weird and odd symptoms I am curious if anyone had any weirdness themselves.? For example… I always have back pain and at times find it difficult to walk.

Have you had a full spinal MRI? A lot of times with back pain, a full spinal MRI is ordered to check for syrinx and/or tethered cord. Is this a new symptom or have you been having this issue from the beginning? I ask because I started to get middle and lower back pain three months into symptoms and began to worry about syrinx or tethered cord. But I had been lying on the couch that entire three months and thought to try and switch up where I slept. I couldn’t sleep in my own bed because the mattress is too soft but braved my son’s bed (firmer mattress) and the past three days my back pain has almost went away entirely and I am sleeping so much better.

I also have CMI and I can’t sit or stand for longer than 20 minutes without causing a tugging sensation from the bottom of my skull to my upper back and pain and discomfort increases.

Did you have MRi/sCAN YET ON YOUR BRAIN//HAD JUST TO SEE IF YOU HAVE cm? it might be worth while to ask you doctor to refer you to neurologist just to make sure you are OK