Just hit at incision site

I messaged my doc but of course Sunday of a holiday week....

I am 3 months post decompression, which has been very successful and easy compared to what I was expecting.

I was just at the park with my kids when I was hit square on the incision site with a flying metal Frisbee-thing. I saw a burst of white, along with an explosion of my nerves down my arms and legs. I immediately started sweating and feel a bit nauseous. There is no swelling I can feel or lingering head pain. My right eye/sinus feels off but I started to cry and I have a cold.

ahhh, Help?

Ahhh, talk about bad luck. Are still in pain? Getting a headach? If you are still feeling off go to the ER.

Geez, really? That is so weird/terrible!

And scary!

I would call Dr. and monitor my symptoms. As the ladies said above: go in to ER if you feel "off".

It's scary I know. I have had lots of surgeries and some shmuck always manages to hit me in the incision site.

Feet (both feet!), hands (both hands!), abdomen 2x: you name it.

Some idiot with a magnet on them is drawn to the wound! Lol

When I had my hysterectomy, some guy ran into my back like a linebacker and I slipped on the ice and started bleeding.

I was terrified. But, my Dr said I just lost a stitch. By 3 months you are on your way to healing but not done yet.

So, get checked out even if the pain is all gone: peace of mind is precious!

I hope things have resolved as I see this happened earlier.

Please let us know!