Just curious

How much is the decompression surgery,total cost for everything, doctor, hospital stay etc. For those that have had it done, do you remember what your EOB's said?

I just saw my EOB from an office visit to Mayfield which was billed for $550, the other neurosurgeons I saw were only $250. So I was just curious how much all together the surgery would be or billed to insurance I guess you could say.

I remember getting my boys EOB's after their NICU stay and surgeries and it was insane! At one one between both kids I had 10 different payment plans setup between two hospitals, and then each doctor that bills individually from the hospital!

I don't have my bills with me but I think the total for the doctor was around $8,000 before insurance. The hospital was around $30,000 before insurance. Anesthesiologist was $3200. So ballpark $40-50K when all is said and done. Sadly my insurance is out of network so I will be making payments on my part for a good while but so far it was worth it!

I figured it would be around the $60-$80k range for everything by the time its over with. I am sooo sorry it was out of network for you!! If it would be out of network for me, I would be paying 50% I believe. I am assuming the hospital is in network for me since Dr. Tew is, I am hoping any way. So I think my out of pocket will be around $6,000 which I am not complaining. A lot less then I have paid for all my kids surgeries that's for sure!